At Campaign Closet, we know what it takes to run for public office and win. The challenges women face running for office are many and multi-faceted, but here at Campaign Closet, we don’t think your wardrobe should hold you back from serving your community.

It’s time to challenge the way things have always been done. 

Campaign Closet is here to bring visibility to outdated gendered expectations, increase opportunities for women-identified candidates to run, and break down barriers for a truly representative government.

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Support Women With Campaign Closet

Campaign Closet is committed to reducing barriers for women-identified candidates to enter politics and win their races.

Your support will help us provide professional styling services and garments free of charge to candidates who need it most. By offering this in-kind service, Campaign Closet hopes to lower the personal financial burden of being a woman running for office. We’re encouraging more time spent on the campaign, eliminating the stress that comes with gendered expectations, and leveling the playing field so women can win.

With a focus on women of color and working-class women, and through the power of image, we are building a platform that supports confidence and increased opportunity. With your partnership, we will be unstoppable in creating equal representation in our government.

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